New projects

We have broad experience in the area of industrial projects of all sizes and production volumes from one-off up to 10 k per annum and the high volumes typical in the automotive industry. Thus .....



  • Project planning
  • Programming in C, C++, VHDL
  • Operating systems: QNX, VxWorks, uClinux
  • Realtime, controller, driver, BSP
  • Communication protocols: CAN, MOST, TCP/IP
  • NMEA, SPI, I²C
  • 16-bit, 32-bit, DSP, FPGA

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Scope of services

  • Complete project
  • Partial project
  • Reinforcement of your development team
  • Training

Existing Projects

We are specially experienced in extending and porting existing embedded projects.

See also SW Analyse / Review .



  • Analyse the existing embedded software
  • Documentation
  • Extending the software
  • Porting software to new Hardware




We provide support on searching and fixing tenacious bugs in the HW or SW.

Detailed experience in developing embedded SW and knowledge of many different electronic components helps us to identify the source of problems. Especially in the area of real time SW, the classical approach of single step debugging is not helpful. Here we have a broad arsenal of strategies to analyse the system behaviour.